Double Mastectomy & Cancer

Well your not ever really prepared to hear the words “we are going to take both breast” or can you be? Let me start from the beginning.

I was working in the Quality Assurance area of a plant. I had been there about 9 months when my life was turned upside down.

Long story short we had decent benifits included was a doctor that allowed you to clock in at work, walk across the street to your appointment then return to work, with no time missed. I had an appointment for blood work, because I have a history of high triglycerides.

The morning of my appointment I got up as normal & showered for work but when I ran my soapy hand over my breast i felt a lump, hmm this was weird, Definatly not normal, so I decided I would mention it to the doc. I did & she did an examination & felt the same thing. She made me an appointment for a mammogram, searching for the quickest possible appointment.

I worried but not extremely bad as I had a false alarm several years prior BUT I didn’t feel a lump then, it was spotted in a routine mammogram.

Pretty much same procedure naked to the waist except for a gown open in the front allowing the technician access, so she could position my breast into the device that would smash my breast flat like a pancake, well as flat as possible. This allows the xray to get a better view. It is not very pleasent actually it hurts. Well that seemed to take forever because my guess is there was something they spotted & thats why the extra care to get many angles & several takes.

Im thinking it was just a couple days & a biopsy was scheduled, so at this point I was getting nervous because I previously had uterine Cancer & had partial hysterectomy followed by a total hysterectomy a year later due to ovarian Cancer.

Not that Cancer is ever a joking matter but I really feared a third bout with Cancer. The old saying strike 3 & your out! Stuck in my mind. But as I lie there on the table a doctor & 2 tec’s worked on putting needles into my breast to remove pieces of the lump for a biopsy, I prayed to God & told him I was scared. Everybody was extremely professional & almost too nice, So I felt pretty confident they believed something was wrong.

Like most test you have to inpatiently wait. I was told that on the 24th of September 2015 I would get results. But the 23rd of Sept I fot a call from the hospital trying to set up appt with a Surgon. To me that was it done deal I knew I had Cancer! I was terrified. Coincidentally it was my anniversary, my husband & I would have been celebrating 14 years. I told my mother & my husband but they both encouraged me to carry on as normal & not jump to conclusions. Well that day I left headed to work so upset I just couldn’t go in. I spent some time to myself reflecting & I prayed & asked GOD to take this burden from me because I wasnt strong enough to handle on my own. Then I heard a voice, “THE VOICE SAID YOU WILL LOOSE BOTH BREAST BUT THATS IT” Wow I remember thinking loose my breast but I get to continue my life, then a sense of calm came over me & I realized God just spoke to me & that was how it was going to be. The next couple days was traumatic & I made the choice to stay with my daughter & grandkids till I got through the surgery. My daughter & I talked & the subject came up that I could loose both breast..

My daughter trying to remain positive said ” you dont really know that yet & thats when I told her about my experience. She believed me but remained skeptical untill the surgeon says WE ARE GONNA TAKE BOTH BREAST. I ALREADY WAS PREPAIRED TO HEAR IT SO it didnt really phase me, definatly not like you would expect.

The final results were I had stage 1, test reveled my daughter or granddaughters WILL NOT inherit this gene from me. (Thank you)

Radiation was recommended as a preventative & only decreased chance of reaccorance by 11% along with a pill taken everyday for 5 years. Along with my Cancer specialist the decision was to not do therapy.

I know for a fact I could feel that lump, it actually felt the size of approximately 1″ long & about 3/4″ inch in diameter, but the surgeon stated it was miniscule. God was definitely there. My surgeon said he doesnt understand how We felt it.

I feel like GOD sometimes gives us another chance for a reason. I don’t exactly know the reason yet! but its time to quit wasting time!

This is what lead me to FindnBeauty, I knew there had to be something I could change in my habits to help keep Cancer from coming back, So I have been doing research on the harmful effects of sugar & toxins we eat, also the many chemicals absorbed through our skin from everyday product’s. For instance shampoo, soap, deodorant, make-up, cleaning products, perfume & the list goes on & on. My goal is to let you know & what we can do to take charge of our health. I will give you idea’s & recipes that I will thoroughly research. I also have a passion to shop economically as possible without sacraficing quality. These are some of the things I will pass on to you.

Share your story & together we can be FindnBeauty…

Dandelion Salve

Let’s talk about Dandelions, are they more than just a weed?

Well I know there are alot of people that spend money & plenty of time trying to rid there yards of these beautiful yellow flowers. How could they have become so misunderstood?

The scientific name is Taraxacum officinale.

Dandelions are most abundant in spring. They open in the morning & close up at night, after a couple days they close up & become seeds. Most kids know them as the puff ball. These seeds than blow everywhere. Before growing flowers the germinated seed grows a rosette of tiny leaves while its roots grow deep into the ground. So thats why they are so hard to get rid of, but in all reality dandelions have many beneficial uses.

#1. Dandelions are a diuretic

#2. Dandelions make good homemade wine

#3. The root of the dandelion is sometimes ground up & used as a coffee substitute

#4. You can make a yellow dye from the flowers

#5. The young leaves are often used in salads

#6. Vitamins, The dandelion is loaded with vitamins, they contain almost as much iron as spinach & 4 times in vitamin A. They have protien & carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium & vitamin A & C. The high amounts of choline found in the head (flower) are good for the liver as well as lecithin.

#7. Believe it or not dandelions are good for your yard, there wide spreading roots loosen hard packed soil, therefore aerating the soil, the deep roots pull calcium from deep in the soil & making it available to other plants.

#8. It is said that dandelions cure uti’s, upset stomachs, gas & constipation

#9. Helps alleviate arthritis like pain, ( joint pain) Decreases inflammation

#9. Some people use dandelion to treat infection such as viral infection & some believe Cancer

#10. I have read it’s believed to help diabetes as well

Does it have bad efects?

Some people usually those with ragweed sensitivity should use caution, also pregnant or nursing women should not use because there is not enough known about this plant. Lithium interacts with dandelion So be sure to discuss with your doctor before using. Dont forget dandelions have alot of potassium so Definatly check with you doctor.


I don’t understand! Personally I love dandelions…I make a salve from them that i use everywhere on my body. It has moisturizing benifits as well as healing qualitys. Its said that dandelions help speed reovery from bruising.

I’m in the process of finalizing my buissness plans for my lotions & soaps, very soon i will have my page optimized, So that I can offer great deals to you.

So be sure to check back

6 Reasons to make your own Soap, Shampoo, lotions anything we use on our body


When you make your own products you cut out the middle man. So you don’t have manufacturing cost, distribution cost or overhead


This is a definite advantage when your trying to cut down on chemicals in or on your body. This should rank as #1.

#3 CREATIVE & CRAFTY: It’s PROVEN crafting reduces stress! Make great gifts, nothing says you care like a home made gift.

#4 QUALITY TIME Spend quality time with the kids! Get their advice on the product’s they use.


Today our landfills are filled with way to much! Making your own products able you to reuse containers that not only came packaged for a different product, but your no longer purchasing items that would add to the landfill.

#6 EXTRA INCOME. Make a little extra income by selling some of your work!

Why not people are yearning for stuff made with whole ingredients, but some just don’t have the time or the reasources.