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6 Reasons to make your own Soap, Shampoo, lotions anything we use on our body

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When you make your own products you cut out the middle man. So you don’t have manufacturing cost, distribution cost or overhead


This is a definite advantage when your trying to cut down on chemicals in or on your body. This should rank as #1.

#3 CREATIVE & CRAFTY: It’s PROVEN crafting reduces stress! Make great gifts, nothing says you care like a home made gift.

#4 QUALITY TIME Spend quality time with the kids! Get their advice on the product’s they use.


Today our landfills are filled with way to much! Making your own products able you to reuse containers that not only came packaged for a different product, but your no longer purchasing items that would add to the landfill.

#6 EXTRA INCOME. Make a little extra income by selling some of your work!

Why not people are yearning for stuff made with whole ingredients, but some just don’t have the time or the reasources.

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