Dandelion Salve

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Let’s talk about Dandelions, are they more than just a weed?

Well I know there are alot of people that spend money & plenty of time trying to rid there yards of these beautiful yellow flowers. How could they have become so misunderstood?

The scientific name is Taraxacum officinale.

Dandelions are most abundant in spring. They open in the morning & close up at night, after a couple days they close up & become seeds. Most kids know them as the puff ball. These seeds than blow everywhere. Before growing flowers the germinated seed grows a rosette of tiny leaves while its roots grow deep into the ground. So thats why they are so hard to get rid of, but in all reality dandelions have many beneficial uses.

#1. Dandelions are a diuretic

#2. Dandelions make good homemade wine

#3. The root of the dandelion is sometimes ground up & used as a coffee substitute

#4. You can make a yellow dye from the flowers

#5. The young leaves are often used in salads

#6. Vitamins, The dandelion is loaded with vitamins, they contain almost as much iron as spinach & 4 times in vitamin A. They have protien & carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium & vitamin A & C. The high amounts of choline found in the head (flower) are good for the liver as well as lecithin.

#7. Believe it or not dandelions are good for your yard, there wide spreading roots loosen hard packed soil, therefore aerating the soil, the deep roots pull calcium from deep in the soil & making it available to other plants.

#8. It is said that dandelions cure uti’s, upset stomachs, gas & constipation

#9. Helps alleviate arthritis like pain, ( joint pain) Decreases inflammation

#9. Some people use dandelion to treat infection such as viral infection & some believe Cancer

#10. I have read it’s believed to help diabetes as well

Does it have bad efects?

Some people usually those with ragweed sensitivity should use caution, also pregnant or nursing women should not use because there is not enough known about this plant. Lithium interacts with dandelion So be sure to discuss with your doctor before using. Dont forget dandelions have alot of potassium so Definatly check with you doctor.


I don’t understand! Personally I love dandelions…I make a salve from them that i use everywhere on my body. It has moisturizing benifits as well as healing qualitys. Its said that dandelions help speed reovery from bruising.

I’m in the process of finalizing my buissness plans for my lotions & soaps, very soon i will have my page optimized, So that I can offer great deals to you.

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