Double Mastectomy & Cancer

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Well your not ever really prepared to hear the words “we are going to take both breast” or can you be? Let me start from the beginning.

I was working in the Quality Assurance area of a plant. I had been there about 9 months when my life was turned upside down.

Long story short we had decent benifits included was a doctor that allowed you to clock in at work, walk across the street to your appointment then return to work, with no time missed. I had an appointment for blood work, because I have a history of high triglycerides.

The morning of my appointment I got up as normal & showered for work but when I ran my soapy hand over my breast i felt a lump, hmm this was weird, Definatly not normal, so I decided I would mention it to the doc. I did & she did an examination & felt the same thing. She made me an appointment for a mammogram, searching for the quickest possible appointment.

I worried but not extremely bad as I had a false alarm several years prior BUT I didn’t feel a lump then, it was spotted in a routine mammogram.

Pretty much same procedure naked to the waist except for a gown open in the front allowing the technician access, so she could position my breast into the device that would smash my breast flat like a pancake, well as flat as possible. This allows the xray to get a better view. It is not very pleasent actually it hurts. Well that seemed to take forever because my guess is there was something they spotted & thats why the extra care to get many angles & several takes.

Im thinking it was just a couple days & a biopsy was scheduled, so at this point I was getting nervous because I previously had uterine Cancer & had partial hysterectomy followed by a total hysterectomy a year later due to ovarian Cancer.

Not that Cancer is ever a joking matter but I really feared a third bout with Cancer. The old saying strike 3 & your out! Stuck in my mind. But as I lie there on the table a doctor & 2 tec’s worked on putting needles into my breast to remove pieces of the lump for a biopsy, I prayed to God & told him I was scared. Everybody was extremely professional & almost too nice, So I felt pretty confident they believed something was wrong.

Like most test you have to inpatiently wait. I was told that on the 24th of September 2015 I would get results. But the 23rd of Sept I fot a call from the hospital trying to set up appt with a Surgon. To me that was it done deal I knew I had Cancer! I was terrified. Coincidentally it was my anniversary, my husband & I would have been celebrating 14 years. I told my mother & my husband but they both encouraged me to carry on as normal & not jump to conclusions. Well that day I left headed to work so upset I just couldn’t go in. I spent some time to myself reflecting & I prayed & asked GOD to take this burden from me because I wasnt strong enough to handle on my own. Then I heard a voice, “THE VOICE SAID YOU WILL LOOSE BOTH BREAST BUT THATS IT” Wow I remember thinking loose my breast but I get to continue my life, then a sense of calm came over me & I realized God just spoke to me & that was how it was going to be. The next couple days was traumatic & I made the choice to stay with my daughter & grandkids till I got through the surgery. My daughter & I talked & the subject came up that I could loose both breast..

My daughter trying to remain positive said ” you dont really know that yet & thats when I told her about my experience. She believed me but remained skeptical untill the surgeon says WE ARE GONNA TAKE BOTH BREAST. I ALREADY WAS PREPAIRED TO HEAR IT SO it didnt really phase me, definatly not like you would expect.

The final results were I had stage 1, test reveled my daughter or granddaughters WILL NOT inherit this gene from me. (Thank you)

Radiation was recommended as a preventative & only decreased chance of reaccorance by 11% along with a pill taken everyday for 5 years. Along with my Cancer specialist the decision was to not do therapy.

I know for a fact I could feel that lump, it actually felt the size of approximately 1″ long & about 3/4″ inch in diameter, but the surgeon stated it was miniscule. God was definitely there. My surgeon said he doesnt understand how We felt it.

I feel like GOD sometimes gives us another chance for a reason. I don’t exactly know the reason yet! but its time to quit wasting time!

This is what lead me to FindnBeauty, I knew there had to be something I could change in my habits to help keep Cancer from coming back, So I have been doing research on the harmful effects of sugar & toxins we eat, also the many chemicals absorbed through our skin from everyday product’s. For instance shampoo, soap, deodorant, make-up, cleaning products, perfume & the list goes on & on. My goal is to let you know & what we can do to take charge of our health. I will give you idea’s & recipes that I will thoroughly research. I also have a passion to shop economically as possible without sacraficing quality. These are some of the things I will pass on to you.

Share your story & together we can be FindnBeauty…

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